Frequently Asked Questions

The frames are cut and welded from iron, for seats and tops we use natural oak veneer, for corners of upholstered furniture and the HORIZON collection bar stool seats – oak. For upholstered furniture, we use modern and durable fabrics Apparel. Also for some furniture pieces we use stone (Ukraine). All of our items pass ecological quality control and comply with GOST.
Not at all. We weld metal frames from the so-called square tube. It is hollow inside and not heavy at all.
At the CUBE44 we use high-precision spot welding, and all the seams are pre-cut using a laser or a band saw, which makes the joint ideal. Each welded spot is checked in the most comprehensive way and the slightest defects are rejected. All furniture is tested for durability.
We treat veneer and wood with natural oil of German production, which, absorbed into the wood, creates a protective film and protects the wood from moisture and dust.
Wood veneer is a natural material, it is a thin layer of wood, which we attach to a wood-fiber board. We came to use the natural oak veneer in the process of improving our furniture. Externally, veneer does not differ from the natural tree pattern. It has a smooth and original-looking surface. Grinding reduces the likelihood of defects and scratches during shipment. With veneer, there is practically no risk of drying and cracks, something real wood is prone to with time.
CUBE44 uses a powder coating technology – the most reliable to date. So with careful use, it is almost impossible to damage the paint.
You can get acquainted with the features of our furniture from different CUBE44 collections in showrooms – addresses are indicated in the Store Locator section. We use 4 varieties of oak and natural veneers painting, so it is easy and fun to match colors.
Of course. According to the law, you can return unused furniture within 14 days. For this, please, contact us online about your decision and the reason for it.
Of course. Even though we are confident in the high quality of our furniture, if you need repair, we are committed to eliminating any malfunction. The warranty period on all CUBE44 furniture is 1 year.
The site shows CUBE44 furniture, as well as of other producers. On the Collections page all collections made by CUBE44 are marked with our logo.
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